Written for players, coaches, and fans, The Rundown provides insight into everything Marucci from product breakdowns to coaching tips and everything in between.

Several times a week, we’ll post articles, images, and videos that give you a closer look into our growing company while capturing the passion and pride that goes into everything we do.

Honor The Game

“Honor The Game” is more than a motto for us here at Marucci. It’s an idea we live and work by, and a standard by which we measure our success. The Rundown will feature links and anecdotes from around the world where athletes are living out that idea. We welcome your personal “Honor The Game” story and encourage you to make it your mission in the game and in life.

Marucci Gear

In addition to our goal to “Honor The Game” in all that we do, Marucci is committed to providing the absolute best equipment available for players to be successful. A dedication to quality and an understanding of players’ needs is engineered into every item we make. Our Player Advisory Board made up of current and former Big Leaguers inspires, tests, and approves every product on the Marucci line, ensuring outstanding quality and expert craftsmanship. The Rundown will present some of that expert insight along with the features and benefits of some of our hottest products.

Coaches’ Corner

Also, The Rundown will highlight coaching tips, drills, and philosophies from some of the game’s most influential coaches and players. Along with crafting superior tools, Marucci aims to help equip all players with the skills and mental edge needed to excel at the highest level.

Check back regularly for the latest news and videos, and feel free to share The Rundown with your coaches, players, or teammates.