We started in a workshop with a flawless piece of maple and built our name on consistency and craftsmanship, never putting our seal of approval on a bat that wasn’t perfect. Ten years later, Marucci is the No. 1 bat in the Big Leagues. That same commitment to quality and understanding of players’ needs is engineered into every wood bat we produce.

There are three category options for wood bats available to the public: the Pro Model, Custom Pro Model, and Professional Cut bundle. While each model is expertly handcrafted from top-quality maple or ash, there are some differences between the three.

Pro Model

Bats Available:

Cutch 22, AP5, JB19, CB15, CU26, Joey Bats 19, Papi 34, Club Marucci Pro Model


Pro Model wood bats are inspired by the in-game models used by some of our Player Advisory Board members. Each cut reflects that player’s preferred barrel size and profile, handle taper, and knob shape. Also, every bat is bone rubbed for ultimate wood density, just like our Big League-issued models.

The drop weight ratio on Pro Models is standard and approximately -2, meaning a 32 inch bat weighs approximately 30 ounces.

Youth Pro Models are available in the AP5, CU26, and JB19 ranging in length from 26-31 inches. These models carry approximately a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter.

Bat insurance is available for purchase and includes a one-time replacement if bat breaks up to 30 days after delivery.

Bottom Line:

The Pro Model is ideal for a hitter who may not be concerned with customized features or colors, and who may want a bat inspired by a Big Leaguer’s cut.

Since colors are not available to customize with Pro Models, we’ve made an exclusive offer available to Club Marucci VIP members. Each month, we’ll release a custom barrel/handle/engraving color not available to the public to be applied to an AP5, CU26, or JB19. These custom color options are available for only one month at a time and are chosen by Marucci Wood Production craftsmen.

View our online selection of Pro Models here.

Custom Pro Model

Bats Available:

AP5, CU26, JB19, Cutch22, DO34, CB15, DW5, VW10, JR7, RH6, SC21, TH17, PL16, MM20, JM21, AA1


Custom Pro Models are very similar to Pro Models in terms of being player-inspired with specific barrel, handle, and knob specifications, but the difference is these bats can be customized as well as personalized.

After selecting the Pro Model of your choice, you can select whether that model is cut from maple or ash. Maple grains run tighter, making the wood harder, while ash grains are looser and softer, creating a compression effect. That choice is based more on hitter’s preference.

Next, you can select length and weight. Lengths run from 26-31 inches on Youth models, and 31-34.5 inches on all others, while weights range from -6 to -3 on Youth and -4 to +2 on Adults.

Colors for handle and barrel are chosen individually and include baby blue, black, cherry, green, natural, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, royal blue, smoke, unfinished, walnut, whitewash, and yellow. Label and engraving color must be the same. Color choices include black, gold, silver, or white.

Engraving on the barrel can be customized for up to 25 characters, while the knob stamp can include up to three characters. Since each Custom Pro Model is made to order, there is two to three week production period, but expedited production is available to be handcrafted in seven business days.

Bat insurance is available for purchase and includes a one-time replacement if bat breaks up to 30 days after delivery.

Bottom Line:

Custom Pro Models are more suitable for someone who wants a personal touch to his bat. From drop weight to knob stamp, the Custom Pro Models allow hitters to select nearly every detail of their wood bat.

Start customizing here.

Professional Cut Bundles

Bats Available:

Cuts vary; available in whitewash, black, and electric fog. Maple cuts only.


Unlike Pro Models, or Custom Pro Models, there is no standard bat profile specifications with Pro Cuts because of the nature of their creation.

When a Big Leaguer orders bats from us, those bats are handcrafted to his exact specifications, or his preferred cut. However, there are instances when these cuts do not meet that player’s exact specifications of length, weight, balance point, handle or knob shape, etc. and that bat is pulled from that player’s order and is sold as a “Professional Cut.” These bats have no defects and are not considered “blem” bats; they simply did not match what the player requested.

Simply put, Pro Cuts were destined for the Big Leagues, but a discrepancy in specification, not quality, kept them from being included in a player’s order.

When selecting either 3, 6, or 12 cut bundles, the only thing that can be specified is the length and color.

As with all Marucci models, Pro Cuts are handcrafted from top-quality maple and bone rubbed for ultimate wood density.

Bottom Line:

Pro Cuts bundles are best for those who need multiple bats, but who want only top-quality maple are not picky about specifications or customizations. We recommend Pro Cut bundles for experienced wood bat users because of the wide variety of specifications available and the uncertainty that comes with these orders.

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