“Honor The Game” is more than a motto for us here at Marucci. It’s an idea we live and work by, and a standard by which we measure our success.

Marucci’s Honor The Game mini docuseries highlights the experiences of those who truly live, love, and honor the game of baseball. Episode 1 features Marucci co-founder and CEO Kurt Ainsworth’s 9-year-old son, Alex, whose team won the 9U USSSA World Series last summer.

A player needs to have more than talent in order to succeed at any level. The dedication, work ethic, and overall respect for the game must be learned from an early age, and can separate good players from great ones. Watch Alex and his coach describe the importance of bringing the ideal of “Honoring the Game” to the ballpark and the impact it can have on a season, team, and individual player.