Dedication and repetition are keys to being successful in any endeavor. Continuous effort, along with doing things the right way every time, yield desired results, and provide a blueprint for future success.

Marucci’s formula for success took it from a backyard shed all the way to the No.1 bat in Big League baseball. Now, Marucci is repeating the process, and engineering that dedication to quality and understanding of players’ needs into its new line of softball products.

“It was a natural progression for us moving from baseball into softball,” Marucci CEO and co-founder Kurt Ainsworth said. “We know what hitters want and what players need in terms of performance, so we wanted to put that knowledge and expertise into products that would make them successful.”

Learning the needs of players is a crucial step in the process of engineering the highest quality products. To do that, Marucci created a Player Advisory Board made up of Big Leaguers Albert Pujols, Jose Bautista, David Ortiz, Chase Utley, and Andrew McCutchen, to inspire, test, and approve all baseball equipment.

In order to replicate that effective method of product development, Marucci needed a reputable influence in the softball world to offer valuable insight on that market, its players, and its products. Former LSU softball head coach Yvette Girouard, who is an NFCA Hall of Fame member and two-time NFCA National Coach of the Year, became Marucci’s softball ambassador, tasked with advising the company on what today’s softball players need from their equipment.

“I’m excited to be working with a company that’s been so successful on every level of the baseball market,” Girouard said. “I’m very confident Marucci will take softball to the next level.”

“She’s one of the greatest collegiate coaches of all-time,” Ainsworth said of Girouard. “So it’s great to have her input as we continue to develop our softball line.”

The centerpiece of the softball line is the Pure, a -10, two-piece composite bat that utilizes an extended barrel with an enlarged sweet spot for maximum performance, while a balanced weight distribution delivers effortless power. One of the most desirable features of the Pure, however, is the SDX connection technology. SDX, or “shock dissipation connection,” dismisses vibrations on contact, maximizing the feel of the bat.

Along with the Pure, Marucci’s new line features elite-level fielding gloves. Both a cross and spiral web come in a sleek gray color and are individually handcrafted to meet the rigorous demands of softball fielders. The gloves are extremely durable and feature premium USA cowhide leather and soft fabric fingerback linings.

Dedication and repetition have developed Marucci into one of the most recognized names in the baseball market. However, Ainsworth believes the blueprint for success in baseball will translate into softball, as well as new sports markets in the future.

“We want to make an impact and design products for athletes to be successful,” Ainsworth explained. “We want to branch out to other sports as well, and the natural progression into softball allows us to do that.”