Nearly every kid playing baseball growing up has the same dream: to become a Big League player one day. Andrew McCutchen shared that same dream growing up in Fort Meade, Florida and now continues to live it as a Big League All-Star and MVP.

“I can’t just expect to be good and not work for it.”

To get to where he is, McCutchen explains that it takes more than talent; it takes an unparalleled work ethic and a gracious sense of humility. Honoring the game means to always keep these two intangible traits at the forefront, and never forget where you came from. McCutchen attributes a large part of his success to the support he received from his parents and community of Fort Meade, and every year he and his parents put on a special baseball camp for the youth of that community. Watch as McCutchen reflects on some of his earliest memories of the game, his connection to family, and his love of sharing the game with young people.

Hard work, humility, and giving back to community are the three ways Andrew McCutchen honors the game. How will you?