Marucci is proud to release our second two-piece SDX fastpitch bat, the Pure -11. Our engineers were able to capture everything that made the original Pure stand out in the softball market and put that technology and craftsmanship into a bat for younger players. The result is the Pure -11.

Firstly, the Pure’s two-piece composite design is extremely durable, and is the preferred construction of the game’s elite players. What separates the Pure from other bats in the market is our new SDX connection, or shock dissipating connection, that binds the two pieces. Some may pass this technology off as a gimmick or marketing ploy. The truth is in the science of the connecting piece. Upon contact with most composite bats, vibrations travel from the contact point down the barrel and through the taper, into the handle and is felt by your hands. That uncomfortable, and sometimes painful sting is eliminated by the SDX connection piece in the Pure. The SDX connection is made up of advanced vibration dissipating materials which dismiss the harsh unwanted sting before it gets to the players hands. The result is a more comfortable and pure swing, allowing for more confidence.

Additionally, the Pure’s design was engineered to push the limits of the common barrel length possible on a -11 bat while incorporating a power-balanced weight distribution. This engineering resulted in a maximum barrel length and the area it covers equates to a larger sweet spot, resulting in more consistent contact and performance while maintaining a balanced feel for effortless power. What you get is a lot more hits that feel a lot better.

The Pure is available from 28”-31” and is USSSA 1.20 BPF, ASA, and ISA certified.