To continue our mission of equipping all players with the tools needed to be successful, Marucci is proud to release the Geaux Series youth fielding glove line. Now, Marucci can provide every player, beginner to professional, with the highest quality, Big League approved fielding gloves.

Confidence plays a huge role in the development of youth players. The Geaux Series’ high-quality leather and masterful construction provide that desired confidence needed to excel in the field. The leather quality of these gloves is unmatched by any other youth fielding glove. Using premier soft steerhide shell leather, the Geaux Series provides a supple, game-ready feel, but with strength and quality that will maintain over time.

As with all Marucci products, the Geaux Series fielding gloves are constructed with Big League tested and approved patterns and web designs, so even the youngest players can use the same style of glove worn and trusted by professionals. Each glove is skillfully and individually handcrafted for the youth player with scaled down finger stalls and hand patterns for a more secure fit along with soft fabric fingerback linings for a more comfortable feel.

Beginning catchers and first basemen will enjoy the Geaux Series mitts, as they allow those players to begin using the correct style of glove specially made for those positions. Catchers’ mitts are constructed with the same soft steerhide shell leather with scaled down finger stalls, but also include a double-lace reinforced web and extended pocket length that help build that confidence with a larger catching area and increased durability.

First base mitts feature a two-piece pattern design that aids in break-in and keeps shape to improve scooping and picking ground balls. Also, with a double H-web that evenly distributes pocket tension and added leather reinforcement on the back of the pocket, the Geaux Series first base mitts will remain durable and offer longer lasting performance.

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, Marucci has the fielding glove you need to excel on the field. Get yours here and get that break-in started for your next season!