Big Leaguers demand consistency; they don’t change what works. Marucci’s engineers and Player Advisory Board members are so confident in the consistent performance of the CAT6 that they didn’t change a thing. Since our Big League partners design, test, and approve all Marucci products before they go to market, their input and opinions carry heavy weight. Is there a more reliable source of information than players who’ve reached and excelled at the game’s highest level? We think not.

So what did the Player Advisory Board see in the CAT6 that prompted an unprecedented second-year run?

It starts with consistency, the mark of any successful hitter. The CAT6 provides that consistent performance through its carefully selected material and Big League-inspired design.

The AZ3000 alloy is one of the highest-performing metal currently used in aluminum bat production. This alloy is built to withstand a season full of heavy use, while retaining high-level output. Two things all players need from their bat are performance and durability. The AZ3000 alloy supplies both with ease.

This high-performance material wouldn’t be optimized unless it was constructed with a finely-tuned, detail-attentive design. Any company can put out an AZ3000 alloy bat, but the CAT6’s design truly separates it from the competition. That’s where our Player Advisory Board comes in. True: Big Leaguers don’t use metal bats in games; we know this. However, material is only one factor in crafting a bat everyone talks about.

The CAT6’s one-piece construction, knob/handle shape and extended barrel profile are three of those Big League-inspired features that contribute to the bat’s performance. A one-piece bat remains consistent throughout and offers a traditional feel that many hitters prefer. After all, wood is only one-piece. The ergonomically shaped knob and tapered handle give a balanced feel and greater control, very similar to the balance and control felt in the wood bats of some Big Leaguers. That balance continues through the barrel, which is extended to provide a larger sweet spot, while its optimized wall thickness allows balance from knob to cup, promoting faster swing speeds. Also, the inside of the barrel is ring-free, so that large sweet spot you’re swinging much faster is uninterrupted by construction. Can’t imagine the results? Let’s just say you, your coach, and your teammates will all notice.

Still not convinced? There’s one other design element unique to the CAT6. Marucci’s patented ant-vibration technology was engineered into the knobs of each bat on the CAT6 line. Inside the knob is a harmonic dampener made from vibration-absorbing materials that trap and eliminate any harsh vibrations or “sting” that’s produced upon contact. Normally, vibrations are felt in the hands after making contact on the barrel, but the dampener in the CAT6 absorbs that sting instead of your hands. Being that the harmonic dampener needs to be slightly loose in order to function properly, you may hear a different sound than other bats on the market because the CAT6 is the only bat with this technology. Your CAT6 beauty is not dead, and there’s nothing broken. Quite the opposite, actually.

The goal in constructing the CAT6, as well as all other Marucci products, is to give players the tools they want and need to be successful. We rely on our Player Advisory Board to tell us what those things are and how we can incorporate them into product designs regardless of material, size, age group, etc. Routinely, those players suggest ways to improve an already successful tool. The result is a top-of-the-line product, inspired, tested, and approved by the game’s top players. When we asked our engineers and Player Advisory Board how to improve the CAT6 for 2016, they didn’t respond with any material upgrades, design updates, or color changes. No gimmicks necessary. The CAT6 remains Unrivaled. Unmatched. Unchanged.