BATON ROUGE, LA. – The Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL)/ Men’s Adult Baseball League (MABL) announced Marucci Sports as a national sponsor of the league and the Official Bat of the MSBL/MABL beginning in 2016.

Founded in 1988, the MSBL is the premier adult amateur baseball league for adults 18 years of age and older with 3,200 teams across major U.S. markets as well as Puerto Rico, Australia, and the Netherlands with a membership of 50,000.

The MSBL/MABL is committed to providing adults the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally run environment.

“We’re excited to begin our partnership with the MSBL,” Marucci Sports CEO/Co-Founder Kurt Ainsworth said. “Growing the game of baseball is part of our mission at Marucci, and partnering with MSBL, who gives adults the opportunity to continue playing throughout their lives, allows us to do just that.”

“As the MSBL/MABL enters our 29th year in 2016, we have always associated ourselves with the top local league and industry leaders in baseball products. The entire organization is looking forward to our new partnership with Marucci Sports and their status in bats is unquestioned,” said Steve Sigler, President and Founder of MSBL. “I want to thank Marucci for their confidence and vision.”

About MSBL

The Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL)/Men’s Adult Baseball League (MABL) is the premier amateur baseball league for adults 18 years of age and older, as well as leagues featuring division for ages 25+/35+/45+/55+/60+/65+. Founded in 1988, MSBL continues to be the fastest-growing adult baseball organization in the country. The league has 325 local affiliates, 3,500 teams and 45,000 members who play organized baseball in local leagues, 30 regional tournaments and six national tournaments.