This bat is a bona fide bomb dropper. Inspired by Marucci Partner Buster Posey, the POSEY28 features a massive barrel and thin handle, resulting in the end-loaded feel power hitters love and the unmistakable BOOM that goes with it.

Handcrafted from top quality maple or ash, the POSEY28 is built to rake. The maple model features strong, tight grains that increase the bat’s hardness and density. It also features the Big League grade ink dot that certifies the standard slope of grain. The POSEY28 ash is also available, and its grains are spaced a little bit farther apart than maple, giving room for expansion at contact to produce the desired trampoline effect. Check out our Rundown post Maple vs. Ash for more information on the differences between these materials.

Whether you choose the maple or ash model, the cut is exactly the same. The specs of the POSEY28 further verifies the bat’s claim as a “bona fide bomb dropper.”


Starting at the knob, the POSEY28 features the traditional, rounded style that allows the bottom hand to rest comfortably at the base. Because the traditional knob is lighter than other tapered style knobs, more weight can be concentrated on other parts of the bat. Knob preference is usually decided by the individual hitter based on feel, but a traditional knob is normally the most popular.


Just like the knob, the handle is all about personal preference. Some hitters feel more control with a thinner handle, others prefer feel they can control the barrel with a thicker handle. Handle preference and selection comes with the same caveat as the knob: a thinner handle equals less weight in the bottom of the bat and more in the knob area or barrel. The POSEY28 features a lighter, traditional knob and a lighter, thinner handle. The result is a bat that’s light in the hands and heavier on the barrel, creating an end-loaded feel that power hitters crave.


Because the POSEY28 is built with a traditional knob and thin handle, the weight of the bat will be distributed more greatly through the taper and barrel of the bat. And this barrel is massive. With a larger barrel, not only is the surface area greater for contact, but the mass striking the ball will increase the output. If all other factors remain constant- swing speed, angle, pitch trajectory, etc.- a larger, heavier barrel will exert more force on a ball resulting in harder, longer hits. Basically, swing it if you got it!

Need to add this bomb dropper to your arsenal? The POSEY28 is available today in both maple and ash. The POSEY28 is also available in a Youth Ash model, which is crafted with the same specifications as the adult models for younger power hitters. Customize the POSEY28 with your name, number, and any handle/barrel tone combination including the brand new Inferno finish.